Friday, July 20, 2012

3D Simple Snowman Ornament Gift Tags...Its Christmas in July!

I start working on projects for Christmas early as can be....these are one of my old standby projects. So simple to do, and a great way to get rid of scrap material.

I wish for snow days! But I live in Colorado, and it snows all the time here- I miss snow I can play in, the air here is so dry that its so difficult to even build a snowman, and it usually melts away the next day! But I love snowman!

So Simple to do, but simply adorable!

Supplies Needed:
1. String or ribbon
2. Cardboard (Use leftover cereal boxes, postal boxes, whatever you have on hand).
3. Googly Eyes ( or black pen)
4. Scrap Patterned Paper
5. Glue
6 . (1) 12x12 Sheet of White Cardstock
6. Optional* 2 inch circle punch, 1.5 inch square punch ( If you dont have these, flip a bottle and trace it)

1. Punch or trace and cut 6 2" circles out of cardboard.
2. Punch or trace and cut 6 2" cirlces out of white cardstock.
3. Adhere White circles directly on top of cardboard circle.
4. Punch or trace 6 Squares out of cardboard.
5. Punch or trace 6 small "brims" out of cardboard.
6. Adhere leftover scrap paper onto squares, and brim.
7. Then its just a matter of glue and paste, one on top of the other.
8. Attach a small scrap orange piece for the nose, a few black dots for the mouth, and googly central for the eyes!
9. Then simply attach ribbon, add a few little embellies, and whoalla- easy snow buddy tags!

*I really like to use actual cardboard like from a postal box, versus a cereal box, or chiboard like material, it adds nice dimension and makes them look 3d".

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