Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Cute as a Button.....Upcycled Button Earings

One of my best loved embellishments to craft with are buttons. I have been compiling buttons for years, I even take them off of old clothes.  They are one of the simplest things to up cycle. My stash of vintage buttons have been overflowing lately, so I decided to purge a bit of them.
Next to an empty house and a glass of red wine followed by a bubble bath, the only thing that truly relaxes me is to sit in my studio and create. Yesterday I had one of the worst Tuesdays in years, so in order to decompress I needed to create something so I grabbed one of my jars of buttons.
As I emptied out the mason jar I realized I had a w bunch of these tiny white shirt buttons. Little buttons are great for cards. So I did a bit of sorting, grabbed a handful of the white buttons, then a few sets of mini colored buttons. Picked up a few of the silver toned fancy buttons and to work I went. I wanted a simple craft that would occupy enough time and still fulfill my need to diversify. I decided to make a few pairs of button earrings.  Button earrings are a really simple project to do.
The first pair I made I used a medium sized pale grey blue button. They came out really cute with a vintage appeal which I just adore. Every year I do about 15 different art and craft shows and these simple earrings have always been great sellers for me, easy to display on cards, in a pretty basket.
I decided to do a set of silver toned button earrings as well. If your like me you and have a jar of buttons lying around, I'm sure you have some silver buttons in the mix. These and the older gold tone buttons make great little earrings or simple pins.
And just for giggles I made about 10 pairs of these cuties. I think these would be just precious for a young girl.
Enjoy the simple things and nothing could be easier than earrings that are "Cute as a Button".

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