Friday, March 25, 2011

Eco Friendly Easter Project #2: Re Purposed Petite Floral Posies

Eco Friendly Easter Project #2
 Re Purposed Petite Floral Posies

Pretty petite floral posies created from up cycled fabric. What does that exactly mean? In simplest terms this fabric "used to be" something else. I am a huge hoarder of fabric but I really enjoy purchasing thrift store finds, pretty fabric designs that I adore, that perhaps may be an old pillowcase, tablecloth, sheets, a stained t shirt, etc...

Ivory Posies created from torn sheets

Here's a fab find for just 25cents. It was a set of pillowcases in this classic red and rose toile.

I call these "petite posies" because they are unique, and cut by hand, not by a die cutter, so they vary in shapes and sizes. Simply created by cutting a variety of circles out of different materials, layering one on top of the other, and sewn with a button in the center.

Some Shabby Cottage Rose Posies

Floral & Denim Posies created from denim jeans & a torn apron

I use these for a variety of purposes. I use them as embellishments on other projects, or simply as holiday packaging (instead of a bow), or I attach pin backs to them to create unique pins.

Enjoy my eco friendly project #2, make sure to leave a comment below and share this post with friends. You can find full details on points being awarded in my original post entitled " Chirp Away" Eco Friendly Easter Give Away Contest.

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