Thursday, March 24, 2011

Eco Friendly Easter Project #1: Jellybean Napkin Rings

Eco Friendly Easter Project #1: Jellybean Napkin Rings

Nothing transcends the term eco friendly than something that is edible. Anything which can be consumed with little to no waste is the epitomy of being eco friendly.  Old fashioned and unadulterated these napkin rings are a must do craft with the kids for Easter.
These remind me of making popcorn garland with my grandparents as a child, and whenever you can elicit childhood memories from a craft, I am all for it.

Simple as pie to create all you need is some wire and jellybeans. Just as it looks all you do is string the jellybeans through the wire. I like to do about (2) turns through. Taking a pencil, just twist the ends to make curls and wrap them around your napkins ( this part is for mommies).

Just a hint for mommies, you may want to keep an extra handful of jellybeans in stock, as more will end up in little tummies than will end up on the wire.
Enjoy my eco friendly Easter craft #1. Make sure to comment below the post to earn points for the "Chirp Away" Eco Friendly Easter Give Away Contest. Share with a friend to earn even more points. Click here to find out how YOU can join in on the fun.

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