Sunday, April 10, 2011

Crazy Hazy Sunday...Too Much to Do...

Sunday fun day, more like crazy hazy Sunday.... I usually hit the dumpsters on the weekends but boy oh boy this weekend was just so jam packed with things going on, I'm surprised I managed to get dressed...First off I received about 20 different calls for custom work this weekend, which is a huge amount, for someone who does absolutely no advertising.  I guess you can never count out "word of mouth".

Luchia's Desk:
I have been working on a bunch of different projects and once I seem to be finished I just want to do just one thing more.  I am just about complete with that custom order for that old antique desk, I'm not sure if anyone remembers but I had refinished it, but then sold it to a woman who wanted it painted. I have not painted a desk in about 6 months and I completely forgot how much work is involved.  For such a small desk you would think it would be a piece of cake, BUT its finished on all sides and I had to paint it in sections, let it dry, flip it, and so on until all sides were done...that's done, now time to antique it a bit and hand paint it.....goal #1 finish that desk by Friday!

Well this is fab news for The Recycled Rose, aka me. One of the many phone calls this weekend was from a lovely gal in Boulder who owns a furniture store. She had seen some of my work from a customer and inquired about carrying some of my pieces in her retail fab fab news...just means I need to finish up some more "in process" pieces.

Karen's Bookcase:
Also working on a short wooden bookcase, for another custom order for a lovely gal named Karen who wanted a fun piece for her home office. You have to love when customers are open to anything and just want something pretty and different and as she stated so eloquently,"anything but a boring brown bookcase" today it got stripped. This is what it looked like before...check out finished piece this week.

Finish Painting kitchen :
Yeah that started but soon fell through as I had to prime a bunch of furniture someone so kindly left outside my door this weekend. What fab finds you say, well no hunting this weekend, it seems being known as the "garbage lady" has its benefits. Benefit one being furniture just shows up. Downside #1: I am surrounded by furniture, things stacked on top of each other with maybe a walkway in between....( Reminder, look for studio space).
Fabulous Sunday Finds:
Today I got some great pieces:
Nice nine drawer dresser ( dovetailed drawers)... already primed and standing on it side in my living room due to lack of space....
Tiny Little nightstand and a little narrow bookcase...all tied with ribbon and left on my front porch...
Finished something:
Yes that would be the drawers from Luchia's desk, stripped, primed, painted, and yes they are stacked on my couch....see Sunday was relatively!

With all things happening this weekend, sometimes I wish there were just more hours in the day, am I the only one who wishes she could make time stand still?

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