Monday, April 18, 2011

Simply Classic Distressed White Dresser

What fun it is to have my pieces selling in a store in Boulder. I am going away for Easter break and I have been working on a bunch of different pieces heading to a fabulous furniture store in Boulder, named Clutter! I just love that name!

Clutter is such a cool store to be in. They have such an ecclectic mix of modern, vintage, retro, current and contemporary furniture and at great prices!

A true dumpster diving find, it was a dark wood color, not all that pretty, but now.... well you can see!

The dresser has some neat features which makes it extremely versatile.  If I lived in a bigger place I would snag this up and use it in my dining room as a buffet. The reason I say buffet, is behind the center drawer are 3 hidden pull out drawers.

Lots and lots of disstressing on the edges and on the drawers.  hated the original hardware and replaced them with another set I had saved from another dresser.

And just for an added touch I added the glass top to it, recycled from an old glass door which I just cut down to size.

Stay tuned for some new pieces heading to Boulder, not my typical style, these up and coming pieces were just for fun!

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