Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Never Ending Aqua China Cabinet

The Never Ending Aqua China Cabinet
This is one of those pieces that just simply wouldnt end...I had been working on this for over a month.  This was a dark mahogany china cabinet that my clients had picked up at a garage sale in Santa Fe. The owners of this are a young modern family and wanted a fresh new look for the cabinet. One of my friends, an architect, was redoing their kitchen and suggested that instead of ditching it, he knew someone who could give it a new update. ( Thanks Mark). 

I have been working on this cabinet no joke for over a month. Thankfully Mark has not finished the kitchen yet, so apparantly my procrastination was over looked. 

The only thing they said to me was we "want to keep it crisp and clean, we want it to be a focal point but not so bold that it doesnt blend in"

I used their fabric choice for their curtains as my inspiration. Heres a little closeup:

It's always important for me to constantly remind myself, (its not for me) but for the client. " The Parker family" was a young hip family that just wanted a "crisp clean look". About 90% of the time I remove and replace the hardware. In this case,  I removed all the original hardware ( knobs, drawer pulls) and replaced them with a combination of modern drawer pulls, and then added vintage glass knobs. The combination is something I dont normally do but I think in this case it works well.

I created a custom color from mixing two different eco friendly latex paints together. Recently I have been using a line of paint from Benjamin Moore, called the Natura Line.

I have really enjoyed using this brand and do recommend it, its gets great coverage!

I gave the cabinet a good 2 coats of paint. I then got out my trusty sandpaper and scuffed away. I wanted to add just a little something pretty to it, so I decided to add a simple floral stencil to the bottom portion of the hutch. I didnt necessarily want it to be a bold statement, more understated. So I did it in a flat white, so it shows up, but sort of a little suprise.

I think in the end, it came out beautifully.....what do you think?


  1. so shabby chic. so dianty looking :) ---